Gradient/ Ombre’ Nails!

Ok so this is my new favourite thing to do with my nails, you can use any combination of colours and as many as you like as long as you have the length for it!

I did mine using Tiaras & Tights, Lasso of Truth and Girl Power! from my set of Wonder Woman polishes I picked up at Big W for $7.50 (close up pics to come soon, my sister stole my camera cord). As long as you use a high quality top coat this manicure will last for ages.
I’ve done the hard work for you and found a great step by step tutorial here The Nailasaurus, all credits to them, they’ve done a great job explaining this simply, but I thought I’d chuck you guys some of my own tips on this.

  1. First up, don’t panic about working too quick – Getting the gradient right is pretty tricky the first time and your polish will dry phenomenology fast on that plastic. I did mine one at a time, remixing all my polishes and reusing a new sponge each time so they weren’t so tacky  the first couple of times I tried this technique on myself, I can now smash them out in about 13-30 mins.
  2. Use cotton buds instead of a brush to remove acetone from edges – This is a personal preference, I find I have more control and pressure over the acetone this way, and it’s a lot faster.
  3. SHOP AT DISCOUNT STORES – I bought my brushes, acetone, cotton buds, plastic bags, toothpicks and a 10 pack of household sponges for around $10, not bad right?


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