Ok, so theres a few tutes up on how to do this, but here is my lazy guide for you girls on how to do it for those who cant be assed looking it up themselves. Its been trending for a while, and while I adore the girlishness of it, I wouldn’t spend $45 and shipping on top of that for something I can do myself. In total this projsct probably cost me $8.

What you’ll need:
– Fake flowers of your choice (I got mine in bunches from the local $2 shop)
– Lingere elastic (any elastic is fine if it’s wide enough, I just had heaps of this left over and find the thickness of it much more comfortable)
– Hot glue gun
– Wire Cutters ( if you value your scissors)

1. Cut flower heads and leaves off of flower bunches.


2. Cut elastic to size of head, allowing room to glue or sew it together, and begin sticking flowers down in your preferred arrangement, with leaves stuck at different angles in between, for a more natural effect.

I only placed my flowers halfway around the elastic, so that it would sit under my hair more comfortably.


3. ENJOY YOUR FINISHED PRODUCT! (make sure it’s dry first)



White dress, $12 – Aliexpress
Hasma Tie Dye Jumper $45 – Killstar
Glitter Platforms $25 – The Iconic


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