It’s been so long…

Ok guys, I’m so sorry I keep disappearing for weeks at a time, you may or my not know but I have a little trouble with mental illness, it’s not something I’m going to discuss because, well, that’s not what this blog is about, but I do believe I owe you guys an explanation for disappearing all the time!

Anyway time to get back into the swing of things!
Here are my top picks for tie-dye, although to be honest, most of these could be done simply at home!
I’ll be sharing with you guys my adventures in ties dye so stay tuned 🙂

20130918-034014.jpgCOCOS FORTUNE MAXI – $42 C/O ASOS


20130918-034853.jpgHASMA TIE DYE – $53 C/O KILLSTAR

20130918-040105.jpgLIFE MAGICAL CROP – $27 C/O ASOS


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