As a girl with very deep hooded eyes I’ve always hated the way they look, mine are to the point were there is almost no lash line visible, and grew up frustrated having to wear minimal colour or a plain smokey eye as there are little to no ways explained on how to wear colour on an eye on which you can basically not see the lid!
After years of experimenting as a teen and some truly awful transvestite-esque make up jobs gone wrong I’ve found a way to still wear bright, kawaii eye make without looking like an extra from Pricilla: Queen of The Desert.


The first step after prepping your lids is to apply a very fine line as close as possible to the lash line, curving to suit your eye shape ending at the outer corner, and into a slight kitten flick, NEVER above the crease, no matter how far out you extend the wing, it will just look strange and bat shaped, not sexy.
As a rule I’ve heard a thousand times to do this with your eye closed and to work from the outside in, but honestly when working on myself I find it a ton easier to keep the line straight and thin if I have my eye open and work from the middle, just figure out what finds best for you but be warned this takes ALOT of practise, I still screw up occasionally, it’s the curse of having such little lid space available. The easy part of this job is the lining the inner corners on the bottom make sure to never line more than 1/3 of the lash line, this really opens the eye and helps to balance the heavy orange line on top, you can forgo this step if you eyeliner isn’t as bright but I use this trick everyday, regardless of colour.


Finish the eye by blending your colour in from the socket up as you would with a smokey eye and under the lower lash line, you can choose to do this step first, I usually do, I just happened to do it in reverse this day. Make sure you use a matte colour on your lids, as placing sparkle there will draw attention to your small lids not what we want to do, we will highlight the brow instead. Apply tons of black mascara to upper and lower lashes and fill eyebrows.
In this tute I used Lime Crime eyeliner and fantasy palatte in D’Antionette and 6th element.


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