4 Things that will get you swiped left on Tinder (especially if they’re looking for a date)

So as a long time suffer of social anxiety I’ve always found it difficult to chat people up, let alone make eye contact with someone I find attractive. But recently finding myself single after a long term committed relationship put a huge ding in my already non-existent social life, from which I was becoming increasingly bored and lonely, and decided to bite the bullet and try to branch out and make some new friends, using the app tinder.
These are some of the things that I’ve found more or less will get you a NO swipe.

1. Your profile picture has over 2 people
I’m trying to figure out if your cute, or someone I could have fun with,
I didn’t ask for a game of “where’s Wally”.

2. No info apart from Facebook likes
Well if you couldn’t take the time to at least fill me in on what I might be getting myself into, I don’t have the time to browse.

3. Dark and blurry pictures, or pictures of your penis.
This is just creepy, and makes me think you’ll either annoy me continuously for sex or stalk me. Both are nos.

4.Torso shots
See above.

That’s about it, I guess I’m really not that picky 🙂


One thought on “4 Things that will get you swiped left on Tinder (especially if they’re looking for a date)

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